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Golf Course
  • Winners will be determined by a drawing of tickets purchased from approved sources prior to the 11 November 2023 Drawing.

  • Drawing will be held at 1700 (5 P.M.), 11 November 2023. Drawing to be streamed live for those not able to attend in person.

  • Raffle tickets will be drawn to determine the winners of First Prize (Golf Cart), Second Prize (Rifle) and Third Prize (Condo Stay).

  • Tickets can be purchased for $25.00 each, or 5 for $100.00.

  • You need not be present to win.

  • Winners will be notified.

Prize Caveats

  1. Golf Cart (valued at $7,000.00) – the refurbished 2015 golf cart will be delivered to the winner provided they live within a 25-mile radius of Stonebrook Golf Club in Pace, Florida. A winner from an area outside that radius will be responsible for pick up, and/or delivery.

  2. AR Rifle (valued at $740.00) – the winner must be eligible under Florida statutes to possess such an item and can receive the item through coordination with the Grey Man Armory; located on Stewart Street in Milton, Florida.  The winner is responsible for all costs associated with costs associated with background checks or registration (if applicable).

  3. Condo Stay (valued at $1,000.00) – the condominium stay entitles the winner to a four-night stay provided the days are Monday through Thursday, excluding the months of June and July. The condo is a three bed, two bath facility located at The Baywatch Condominiums, Pensacola Beach, Florida.

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