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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ECVA Golf Tournament Registration Questions


Q:   When does registration for the ECVA Veterans Day Charity Golf Tournament open?

A:    Registration for the 2024 Tourney OPENS on 1 June 2024 and ends 4 November 2024. 

       Once all slots are filled, teams and individuals will be placed on a waiting list for notification if a slot opens.

Q:   Who do I contact if I have questions regarding team registration or sponsorship opportunities for the ECVA 2024 Charity Golf Tournament?

A:    You can contact Bob David via email at or call 850.529.6103

Q:   How do I pay ECVA Golf Tournament registration fees?

A:    When filling out the registration online you have two options Pay Now or Pay Later:

  • Pay Now is the easiest by making an electronic payment using a credit card through the ECVA secure  payment platform (Square).  Online payment is preferred and encouraged.

  • Pay Later – allows you to enter your information and the registration form will be sent to the ECVA Tournament coordinator who will contact you for payment. 

  • NOTE:  Registration is not finalized or guaranteed until payment is made.  All registrations and payments must be made prior to 4 November 2024.


Q:   As a Blue/White/Red Level Sponsor how do I register my team member names?

A:    If you select to be a Sponsor on the registration form - the ECVA Tournament Coordinator will reach out to request your team's details (names), as well as, company/corporate logos for Tee Signs and for use in marketing and Social Media outreach. 


Q:   How do I volunteer to help with activities during the tournament?

A:    If you’re interested in volunteering your time on 11 November, during the tournament, or any another time during the year - please fill out the Volunteer Information Form located on the ECVA Website:

Q:    How do I order more than one 'Honor a Veteran' sign?

A:    To order multiple Honor a Veteran signs - please use the link on the ECVA Website -  or click the link below: 

                Honor a Veteran Signs


ECVA Grant Request Questions


Q:   What is the link to fill out a request to be considered for an ECVA Grant:

A:    This year - 2024 - we have a NEW Grant Request Process.  We ask all applicants to complete the Grant Request Form located on the ECVA Website - - or at the link below:

                ECVA Grand Request Form


Q:   When can an ECVA Grant Request be made?

A:    The ECVA Grant Request OPENS 17 June and runs through 16 August 2024


Q:   How are Grant Requests evaluated?

A:    Each grant request is first evaluated by the ECVA Grant Team to ensure the required information is provided. 

  • Site visits or meetings are scheduled with the requester to obtain additional information (if necessary).

  • Each member of the Grant Team completes an individual evaluation form. 

  • When all forms are completed, the team rank requests based on evaluation criteria. 

  • The ranked list is then presented to the ECVA Board for review and final approval. 

  • Selected Grant Recipients will be notified prior to the Veterans Day Tournament 11 Nov 2024 and funds distributed in early December.

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